We built Zaniac to engage K-8 students around the world in supplemental science, technology, engineering, and math education - giving them the skills and motivation they need to create a better future.

Our programs are designed from the ground up to prioritize fun, active engagement, and an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving.

Zane Math

Our flagship program, Zane Math, is the only math tutoring program designed for parents who want their kids to develop a love of math and technology.

Unlike other approaches which prioritize drills and repetition, Zane Math integrates multiple concepts into a customized, fun, problem-solving approach that kids love. Zane Math is a breakthrough approach to math tutoring that incorporates assessment, customized curriculum, and regular parent feedback.

With Zane Math, your child will begin to see math as fun and exciting. It offers a uniquely compelling, effective, and measurable approach for kids who want to get ahead in math.

Edison Club

For working parents looking for an enriching after-school alternative, Zaniac Edison Club provides an engaging mix of fun and structured math and technology activities that kids absolutely love.

Each Edison Club day begins with homework center, where Zaniac’s engaging instructors assist your child to get his or her homework done. On a designated Tech Activity Day, your child also participates in a structured activity — like building a robot, or programming a music video — where they learn how much fun math and technology can be.

Each Edison Club day ends with group games, giving your child an opportunity to unwind from a busy day while they wait for pickup.

Computer Programming

In Computer Programming, Zaniac’s engaging instructors deliver a fun, guided curriculum that gives children the skills and inspiration they need to program computers on their own.

Students enjoy working on fun and challenging projects together during six 90-minute classes. They develop their own games and videos, present their ideas and projects to each other, and share their work with their parents and friends online after class.

They’ll learn computer programming skills like sequences, loops and iterative development—real-world techniques used by all computer programmers. To keep it fun and accessible, we use Scratch, an educational programming language developed at MIT, and play games and complete activities that kids enjoy.


At Zaniac, children learn about the physical world around them by exploring a virtual world - the world of Minecraft.

Zaniac’s instructor-led exploration of the Minecraft world reinforces math concepts learned in Zane Math, introduces your child to the physical and life sciences, and builds critical reasoning skills - in a team format that feels like play.

After a brief introduction to Minecraft navigation and usage, Zaniac instructors begin by demonstrating the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to accomplish game objectives.

Your child (and his Zaniac friends) will explore concepts ranging from the scientific method to gravity to biomes while they work together to accomplish pre-defined group missions and build complex structures and civilizations.

LEGO® Robotics

Zaniac’s LEGO® robotics curriculum teaches your child to use math, technology and the scientific method to bring their ideas to life.

Your child will have fun and build confidence as she works with a team to build robots, plan robot “missions”, program those missions, and evaluate the results of trial runs. Instructors lead the teams in a progressive curriculum that builds experience in construction, mission planning and mission executions - all while making sure that the experience remains centered on play and exploration.

Zaniac’s LEGO® robotics programs are favorites for kids who like to tinker and work with their hands - tomorrow’s engineers!


Chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online, by correspondence, and in tournaments. Success in chess requires many of the same skills required in science and engineering - concentration, experiment design, and strategic thinking.

In Zaniac’s introductory chess program, your child will build confidence as he learns the basic rules of chess, and an approach to scoring and decision making. We move quickly to game play, as your child practices with the rhythm and rules of the game.

The Zaniac advanced chess program extends your child’s skills by building familiarity with common opening strategies, end-game strategies, and the rules of tournament chess.

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